Welcome to High Point Community Church Part of the Body of Christ

Join us Sundays @ 11:00 am for Community Worship Service

A Salvation Army Church in Victoria BC

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Our sanctuary includes couches and seating areas, a fantastic stage, a coffee bar and art installations.

The space allows us to relax, enjoy a cup of fair trade coffee and really listen to God’s story as it is taught to us.

We are family friendly and children of all ages are welcome.


Explore What High Point has to offer

  • Mission & Values

    Find out what our Mission and Values are and what it means to be part of a Salvation Army church who is active in the community changing lives.

  • Community Events and Gatherings

    There is always something going on that you can participate in, we welcome volunteers and are actively looking for people to become part of our ongoing scheduled events and activities, find our what's up and what's on!

  • The Leadership

    Meet the leadership team, get to know us and our backgrounds and really feel the sense of diversity and community we have to offer.

  • How to find us

    Information on our location and how to get to us, bus routes and other ways, ask us about car pooling as we are a Community and we can see that you are too.

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